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Luna? who's that?

Jack started running from the cottage into the woods, he thought the gold tribe members would be with Jarchio, but apparently not. He kept on running until he came to a small field with grass as far as even HIS eye could see. Jack felt like relaxing, but he kept on running, Sableye were extremely dangorous when angry, with their high-frequency screeches and their sharp pin-thin claws, they could give you injuries that stang like crazy. How did Jack know that? His father was once faced with a Sableye from the order, His father wasn't seriously damaged but it did sting like hell.
Jack paused for around three seconds and then set off again.
Then he realized he'd left Silver and Sunny behind. So he conjured up a Giant Nebula as big as the whole forest....

Buddy was playing with his friends, then a huge black, swirly thing came into the sky from the forest not far from Poseida, Buddy and the other children hid behind Mr.Humphrey, the daycare man, who told them that everything would be alright. All the citizens stared in disbelief, this was bigger than the one that had come over their town a few years ago. Everybody looked. Some thought it was the Neoverse and shouted "Run! Hide!" others just stared in disbelief at the giant Nebula.