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So you know chef, Jack isn't with Sunny and Silver at the moment. And i think we've gotten pretty mixed up here. Ok, Sunny ran away in one direction and Jack in the other, Jack conjured up a Nebula wich made the Sableye run away. sound good?

The Sableye that was thrown by Jarchio looked behind him, the other Sableye he had come with where not there... then he realized it was dark and looked up... A giant whirlpool of darkness was hanging above the forest, he became terrified and shouted "Run! Run f-for you LIVES!" and ran away.
Everybody was looking at the beautifull-but-terrifing black whirlpool now, it also had some little glitters like stars on it. Nate (Jack's father) looked up too and muttered under his breath "Jack what have you done now?!"