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    Originally Posted by Calemvir92 View Post
    Me and my brother was battling and we were both down to our last pokemon. As a battle strategy (and refusing to lose) I decided to use destiny bond. We both ended up fainting our last pokemon from me using the move. Thinking it was going to be a draw, the screen came up saying that my brother won and I lost. How did this happen?! I mean, I read all over the internet and it said that whoever faints from the move Destiny Bond will faint before the pokemon that uses the move. But it also says that they faint at the same time. But I still lost and I was the one that used the move. Can someone explain to me why this happened?
    Might be a Self KO Clause.

    Self-KO Clause (also known as Kamikaze Clause): The player automatically loses if his last Pokémon uses Selfdestruct or Explosion. Destiny Bond and Perish Song also fail when used by the last Pokémon.

    That would be correct. The easiest one to do would be Klink, since it already knows Charge when you catch it.