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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Hey, I want to ask of your opinions, but how do you feel when someone steals a tutorial that you wrote? I found that someone posted my DS Music hacking tutorial without my permission. And get this- it's a PC user. And he put it on his forum.
If you wrote your tutorial to help out those eager to learn then you should be happy because 1) having it posted on another site will expose more people to it; and 2) this "thief" obviously thinks your tutorial is helpful and/or well-written. So yeah, I would feel happy if someone did that.

If this guy isn't citing you as the original author, however, then that's a problem because the tutorial is your intellectual property. But if he agrees to mention that you were the author then I (if I were you) would let him keep the tutorial up. After all, what reason do you have for keeping it PC-exclusive?

Originally Posted by Cao Pi View Post
ok so now that I am going to attempt to make my own hacked game pretty soon I was wondering if there is a certain pokemon game that is easiest to hack and if so which one it is.
If you search this thread (and these forums), you'll find this question has been answered countless times. Basically, each ROM has its pros and cons. The choice is up to you and you aren't putting yourself at a disadvantage by choosing one particular ROM.

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