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    Gave in and decided to play the demo ..

    Off the bat I think you should change the Intro Music when selecting name etc, Sounds to intense, Reminds me of the Pokemon stadium Gym leader tower .. lol
    On that premise change it to something like the main stadium music, at the part wher you can choose GB tower, Gym LEader tower, the actual stadium or mini games, it's pretty happy iirc =D

    If you used something more idk happy/bouncy? lol for the start it would improve it a lot and add an actual 'Pikachu' cry rather than the in game cery would make it sound a bit better aswell

    And a new red sprite, I think someone else brought it up about the shading, under the cap jsut looks a bit .. much ..
    He also appears to have a limp in the overworld when walking left or right ..

    I walked in to the tall grass, oak says wait etc etc but no oak sprite actually appeared, in fact jsut entered the lab and there isn't a sprite for oak?
    Although it would seem he shows up after gary takes the pokeball

    The pokedex doesn't sit on the table it kind of hovers ?
    The back wall of the lab is also 1 tile up where it should be in relation to the table/bookscases etc, Looks strange, You cna see it on the far left bookcase the shadow should touch the base of the wall and instead it touches a floor tile

    And the reflection in pallet town starts a tile earlier sdo you're reflected on the grass looks a bit strange

    I know you wanted to use the red sprite but have you thought about using a custom ash one?
    I mean yellow was made to resemble the anime so it would make sense to play as ash
    Talking abotu the protagonist, The

    There's some invisible walls in the patch of flowers as you enter viridian

    I like the music used, and as a big fan of the kanto region i feel you've done it great justice with yoru remake, Personally I prefer the pokemon sprites from gen 3 but mostly because pikachu jsut looks weird btu thats a preference thing ..
    I like the new Vs screens and you have a pretty cool titlescreen aswell =P

    Just a couple of things I noticed in the first 11 minutes of play,

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