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    Wild Pidgey hover.
    If you walk to the mat at the stairs in your room, you immedeatly go down stairs.
    A row of tiles is missing at the bottom of the stairs at your house (downstairs).
    Pikachu's battle sprite is too high on the screen.
    It may just be me, but the controls feel a bit awkward and unnatural
    If you talk to Pikachu after a wild Pokemon battle, it says "Pika?", but then a box pops up with the message "Script 'Interpreter' line 509: NoMethoodError occured. undefined methood 'unlock' for nil:NilClass" and then the whole thing just closes after clicking OK.
    Weird graphical glitch for your reflection in the Pallet Town water. May be in other towns too. Your reflection is on part of the bank, and in some places, does not reflect all of you. Also, Pikachu has no reflection.
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