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    “And now that you all have your pokemon…” The professor began to make some speech or something, but Shaun had zoned out and was now staring at the pokeball in his hand, thoughts running wild.

    Damn he needed a cigarette.

    “I know what you are,” a voice hissed in Shaun’s ear. Shaun drew back in disgust as he felt hot breath tickle his ear. He scratched at his ear and turned to glare at the culprit. It was a boy smaller than him, though a little broad shouldered. Still, nothing compared to Shaun.

    “You got somethin’ ta say?” Shaun asked, snorting quietly at this brat.

    “Yea, I got somethin’ ta say,” the boy said mockingly. Shaun’s arms tensed and he knew he would probably end up punching this dick. “I know why you’re here, rehab reject.”

    Shaun stared, a frown on his face and arms folded. This kid knew who he was. That derogatory term, ‘rehab reject’ was a name for Shaun and others who were in his situation that was made in mockery of their apparent inability to get over their problems.

    “And just why am I here?” Shaun drawled, back completely straight as he almost stared down at the boy. Even an inch gave him power over people, especially with his intimidating look. He didn’t care what people thought, he knew he was a right bastard, but he was a survivalist first and foremost.

    “That’s just it,” the boy drawled. “You don’t deserve to be here.” Shaun leaned back as the boy leaned closer to his face. Disgusting. “Filth like you doesn’t deserve a pokemon!”

    Shaun felt his eyebrows rise. “Why? Cuz I did a few bad things? Didn’t exactly follow the law? The world ain’t the pretty clean world you probably think it is. Grow up, kid.”

    “I mean law breakers like you shouldn’t be allowed to have a pokemon!” the boy roared.

    God damn it. Shaun had seen people like this kid before. Those with high morals and absolutely no tolerance for the smallest of rule breaking. They were crazy. That’s all there was to them. There was no changing their mind and what they believe to be right was therefore right.

    “Is there a problem here?”

    Both Shaun and the boy turned. The crowd had parted slightly to reveal Professor Leef gazing at the two with those fierce of eyes of hers, but that coldness was once again directed at Shaun.

    “Yes, there is!” the boy cried excitedly, looking pleased to give the crowd a piece of his mind about the situation. “This kid shouldn’t be allowed a pokemon! He’s a lawbreaker!”

    Shaun gave a bark of laughter. He just couldn’t help it. It was just so stupid. This kid was… was just a kid! He might be the same age physically, but mentally, no way in hell! He hadn’t dealt with someone with such a childish mindset of right and wrong since he himself was a child, but even then he had been jaded. That’s what happens when you grow up in the slums. Because of that, he just couldn’t find it within himself to care, not that he would anyway. He had never given a **** about what people thought of him.

    “Wasn’t the recent pokemon champion arrested for illegal breeding enhancements with Ditto’s?” Shaun asked innocently, grinning widely like a fiendish Meowth.

    The boy sputtered. “And he got his pokemon and license taken away!”

    “Mr. Broderick,” Professor Leef said with much exasperation, drawing his name out as if she didn’t even want to interfere. “The issue between Mr. Tess and his situation is private, but I can assure you that…”

    “He’s a rehab reject!” the boy yelled while Shaun gazed thoughtfully at the boy. Broderick? He had the same last name as that kid, Alexander? “I mean, just look at him! Street trash like him would probably just put his pokemon in an underground battle!”

    Shaun had enough. Hands snapping forward, he brought the boy close to his face, fists entangled in his ugly shirt. The fabric was of rich material, and Shaun was willing to bet this naïve brat was rich as well. What was it with rich kids? They didn’t know ****.

    “What you see in movies ain’t always true!” Shaun snarled, shaking the boy.

    The kid was staring wide eyed and trying to get out of his grip. “Se-see!” he stuttered before growing confident. “He’s already violent!”

    “Release him at once!” a voice rang out with so much authority that even Shaun released the kid in shock.

    He bit the inside of his cheek in anger and turned. The commissioner was glaring at him furiously, and the crowd had backed away. Professor Leef simply looked exhausted, and Shaun wondered if she knew a fight had been destined to happen no matter what.

    “Un-uncle!” the boy called out respectfully, face red as he bowed apologetically. “You know a guy like this doesn’t deserve the honor!”

    Shaun narrowed his eyes. “Just wait until we’re in the wild,” he hissed.


    “You will be silent, Andrew!” the commissioner barked, his face beginning to look murderous. “You are becoming an embarrassment. The matter behind Mr. Tess has been sealed, and you know what details are entitled towards Mr. Tess on his part.”

    The boy, Andrew, flushed. “I’m sorry, uncle.”

    Shaun grimaced. This was becoming too much. It was stupid, this spectacle, and as he rolled his eyes his gaze caught Alexander’s. The boy looked disgusted at Andrew’s display, and when he caught Shaun’s eye, well, he didn’t know what happened, but there was a moment of understanding the complete and utter ******** of this situation.

    “If you have issues you take it where you can back it up,” the commissioner continues, obviously embarrassed by his nephew’s actions.

    All thirty of the trainers were staring.

    “How about they battle?” Taylor spoke up suddenly.

    Shaun turned a thunderous glare on the man. Did he always have to out Shaun into these situations?

    Taylor continued as if he hadn’t stopped, looking completely confused. “Didn’t you want a demonstration, professor?” The woman opened her mouth to argue, but Taylor was taking charge and even had the audacity to wink at Shaun. “And what better way than to let two of the new kids battle it out, show everyone how hard the first time is?”

    A round of excited chatter broke up. There were different takes on Shaun. Some, whom had grown up in upstanding households, knew where Andrew was coming from. Pokemon abuse was one of the worst things a person could do, and people that looked and acted like Shaun were the type to do that sort of thing. Whoever said never judge a book by its cover obviously didn’t understand people. Some people were undecided while a few others just didn’t give a crap. They wanted to get out of here.

    “Done,” Andrew called happily, grinning nastily at Shaun. “We’ll battle and I’ll show y—”

    “I’ll battle him,” a voice interrupted.

    Shaun turned, exasperated. Just leave him alone!

    “Alex!” Andrew cried, outraged. “No, he insulted me, cous—”

    “I’ll battle you,” Shaun said quickly, eyes locked on Alexander’s… Alex’s eyes.

    He’s not gonna lie. Something about the kid seeking him out was a bit intriguing, but he had heard the last bit. These two were related, cousins or whatever. There was always a chance that this kid was just sticking up for his family, and since he ‘knew’ Shaun the longest he might think that gave him more incentive to battle.

    “What! I’m battling you!” Andrew snarled angrily.

    “And I don’t give a **** about you,” Shaun said bluntly.

    “We’ll battle in three minutes,” Alex said, causing Shaun to shift in confusion.

    “Why?” he demanded suspiciously.

    Alex smiled, and it was that soft smile that Shaun had seen earlier. “Why, to get to know our pokemon first, of course.”

    Why make such a demand? Could something happen between a trainer and pokemon if they hadn’t been properly introduced before battle that Shaun didn’t know about? Did Alex just want to know what pokemon Shaun had so he could plan ahead? Or did he really just want to meet his pokemon, his starter, before so he could get to know it despite the ******** situation? He honestly wanted to do it the right way?

    Shaun grimaced. “Fine,” he muttered, watching the other boy hold out his pokeball, much to the crowd’s excitement.

    With a burst of white light, a small, feathered bird appeared. It had its eyes shut at first before giving itself a rigorous shake that sent its orange and yellow feathers shaking. It opened its eyes and its small beak seemed to smile as it gazed up at Alex. “Toor!”

    Alex, grin as wide as ever, leaned down. “Hello, Torchic,” he breathed, seemingly in awe.

    Shaun looked away, finally starting to feel unnerved. He glanced at Taylor and immediately regretted it as the stupid man grinned widely. Raising the pokeball, Shaun watched as it burst open with a flash of white light, similar to how Alex had done. A small form began to take shape, and it was a little bigger than Torchic, Shaun thought happily.

    When the light cleared, what appeared to be a blue dog standing on its hind legs appeared. It had black legs that were awfully long and had visible muscle. Maybe a jumper? It also appeared to have a type of bandit mask type look to it with blood red eyes staring up at Shaun haughtily with two little black dangle things that could probably be mistaken for ears or horns, but the thing already had two little ears atop its head.

    Whispers broke out and Shaun could hear jealous words be spoken instantly.
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