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    Ah, good. Since it was successful, I take it that That special item I made worked like a charm?
    The temporal distortion bomb or the particle accelerator cannon?
    Either way I managed without needed them, thanks anyway.

    Next round is a special round since its the fifth!
    --------------------Round 5!--------------------------
    Squad 11------------------Vs.------------------Squad 12
    Captain Charizard★----------- Captain I like Pokemon (...)
    Lieutenant Kamiya-chan-------Lieutenant Rasencero------


    Same rules, short recap:
    Need 3 votes to win, based on:
    1. Zanpakuto
    2. Squad specialty
    3. Battle chart
    1. Zanpaktou

    Squad 12 pretty much shuts down Squad 11, since Rasencero's shikai can cancel out Charizard's shikai. Also with Ant/Ilp's shikai in play, the rate the blades melt can but slowed down dramatically. Leaving only Kamiya's zanpaktou as a way to attack or defend.

    2. Squad Specialty

    Brain vs Brawn, classic match up.

    Squad 12 pretty much sweeps again, due to high intelligence stats and for being overall balanced so they don't have a weakpoint to strike for massive damage.


    Charizard has no chart, but it seems they all are in the same range.
    So Tie...(what? You want me to say Squad 12 sweeps again!? >.<)

    Squad 12 outright destroys Squad 11, so my vote goes to Squad 12.
    (Also no, he didn't have to threaten me to make me vote for him,,,cause we all know I can defeat him with trollogic/fanservice/Smile.

    Also My next post should be My squad page.