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Originally Posted by Poke Mitchell View Post
Isn't Iron & Calcium considered a mineral?
But I am evolving him soon sense he is level 47 now hopefully that works.
Ill check in trade if someone will trade me a Celebi, but I dont really have any good pokemon to trade at the moment since i just got the game last weekend ^.^

Another Question:
If I battle a friend, and they have a pokemon I havent seen, ex. Celebi., Will it show up in my pokedex so I cant get one in the Global Trade?

Thanks for the help
I cant find my fraxtrues nature?
Well, true, they're metals in the Periodic Table, but they're also daily supplements we need in our nutritional diets, which is what Pokémon was basing things off of. They're certainly shaped like pills, after all.

Multiplayer battles do not affect the Pokédex, if I recall correctly. Someone correct me on this, but I believe this is the case.

As was mentioned before (I think?), you can ask someone to trade you a Celebii over in the Quick Trade topic in our Trade Corner board. Go to the Wi-Fi Center board, then to the Trade Corner here.

Check the Summary screen of your Pokémon. I believe it's the first flap.