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Hey (: I'm interested in these. What are their level? Have you caught some of them yourself?

Gothitelle OT:Reuben ID:64012
Bouffalant lvl 35 (UT) OT:Infi ID:32080
Cubchoo OT:Matt ID:38483
Litwick OT:Infi ID:32080

And when will this be avaiable? :3
Emolga OT:ASH ID:60259 (Ran out will have more soon)
Shinies Hunter :3

caught by myself : here .

looking for shinies from V generation - if you have one send me a pm please. x3

current project: masuda method shiny petilil - 159 eggs hatched so far.

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If any human..set foots here.. it be a kindhearted pers..
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