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    My apologies, I've been ignoring PC a bit lately. As far as I can see, it's mostly patching problems people are having, right? Well, I've got a new release now and it has a new way to patch. HOPEFULLY it'll work, if not you probably need to get yourself a different ROM file.

    I'm releasing this a bit earlier than I was intending in the sense that I haven't tested this anywhere near as much as I should have, but I'm relatively sure everything is working correctly (here's to hoping I haven't somehow stuffed Black's scripts in White or something like that!). There's no "clean" (I probably should rename that...) version for the moment, just a regular/legendary one that has all the changes to Pokémon and lets you catch all 649. Let's just call it the Main version for now. As I've said previously, I recommend a new game if possible for the newest release: Version 2.0!

    The changelog is as follows:
    + A new patching method has been introduced which allows one to simply drag an .nds rom of any filename in, double click on a .bat file and watch the patch happen quickly and with little hassle. Should the ROM be unfit for the patch, the prompt will come up with a checksum error of some sort. Hopefully this'll fix the problems people are having with the actual patching!

    + The wild encounters have been remodeled entirely. A lot of things are now found earlier, and fishing locations have now been edited. Post-credit routes also now actually have different encounters, with a lot of third stage Pokémon available.

    + There has been a huge amount of changes with the items found on the maps; previously existing items have been edited to bring as much important stuff as possible pre-credits. This includes evolutionary stones in bundles of six, TMs such as Earthquake, Energy Ball and Flamethrower available before the credits and useful items such as the Bicycle, the Super Rod (now renamed the Fishing Rod) and HM02 found much earlier than previously. In fact, the Bicycle is found right at the start! You'll also receive different TMs from three out of the eight Gym Leaders; but don't worry, for the original TMs are still found somewhere in Unova.

    + Evolutionary items have mostly been edited to now act as 'Use' items instead. Simply use them on the Pokemon to evolve them, much like an evolution stone. Evolution methods have been redone to fit with the new changes to items.

    + Challenger's Cave has been turned into a bit of a leftover pile, with every single legendary that isn't normally found somewhere in Unova found in there (including Victini, who may as well be not available regularly). You'll also find several Master Balls inside, as well as the legendary Soul Dew.

    + A small bit of text editing has been applied, editing things where appropriate.

    + Trades in the game have been edited, allowing those few late-game Pokémon to be available earlier on.

    + Earlier trainers have been revamped, with some minute changes in some of the later ones. The first gym battle is now fought as a Rotation Battle (though only with one of the three leaders as before).

    + Some small extras to Pokémon stats/abilities have been done, with the most notable being Delibird actually getting things and the fixing of Castform's stats to actually be 80 across the board. The formes of Castform and Basculin have also now been edited to have the correct stats. Some small edits to attacks have also been made again, retconning prior changes and adding one extra.

    Download link is any of the following:

    Happy playing and hopefully patching~

    P.S: geox you posted like a month ago but I forgot to say thank you for the compliment. It's nice when someone appreciates that sort of thing =]
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