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    My Pokemon Red memory (the one i can remember) was when i first got the game. I was 9 years old. At 9, a lot of changes happened around me. The day after my 9th birthday, we moved to a bigger house. It was old, it had bugs, but it had 3 bedrooms, so my teenage brother was more than satisfied with not having a baby like me in the room with him. Anyway, like most kids, i went to bed early Christmas Eve. That December i covered my bases. i wanted Toys, Video games, and toys. Anyway, with my bedroom being directly across from the living room, i ran toward the tree. a lot of stuff that i use to this day was probably under there...but the star of the show was Pokemon Red. i played for hours that day....good times...

    I also have a Yellow memory,(A short one) I was at walmart, or kmart, and i went to the videogame section. my brother was there and my mom too. back then, i had to go to a certain section with somebody, but we all went. I saw Yellow edition. Back then, i watched the tv show too, so i thought it was the tv show edition if pikachu is the starter. I begged my mom to get it. my bro chimed in and said "its just like the other one you have", in a non-helping nature. i said it had differences. my mom saw they eye of the tiger...or maybe that i was going to throw a she bought it for me....also, i was stuck on brock for a month or 2 before i realized i needed a butterfree.

    G/S memories are kinda sad. i was in middle school around this time. i remember the egm magazine with Ho-Oh on the cover. i was so into the game. i remember i even had Pokemon magazines with articles about it, and on the back, showed the starters and there evolutions. another good thing was that my good friend was into it too. so when he would spend the night, we would battle, and trade and stuff. one of my favorite moments was when i got to goldenrod city. it is my all time favorite city! i love everything about it, and i remember falling in love with the Olivine music. and a WTF moment, when some random guy gave me HM Strength. the sad part comes from when i let some guy borrow my Gold. he never returned it. i asked and asked every day. i even asked a friend to interrogate him about it...but it was no use. i bought Silver sometime after and then it was taken also...
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