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Thanks for all that crit, Alternative! I swear, after Gav and Massimo, you're the only one I can count on to provide some good crit! I'll definitely keep those points in mind. And yeah, the 'generic' guy is actually Dante. XD;

Originally Posted by Joenn
You should not place your focal/render into center.

What? Is there, like, a new rule against positioning the stock in the center or something? That certainly isn't something I'm aware of. Or was aware of up until now. I'm curious. Is there any graphic rulebook which contains that rule? Care to share something about it? [/was totally not being sarcastic]

Originally Posted by (Sprite!)
I really like everything you've done here. A lot of cool designs. i especially like the large peices.
I'm glad you liked my works, Sprite. Thank you!

And no updates this time around. I haven't touched PS in ages. Dunno if I'll actually even do it. So yeah, I guess it'll be a while before I post anything worthwhile here. Do check to see if there are any updates, though! Thank you for reading!
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