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    Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
    I think I commented here before, but I just want to say that I really appreciate the amount of meticulousness and planning you're putting into this. It's nice to see.
    Thanks, I plan to make this hack one of the greatest and planning is the way to do it.
    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    Tbh I think this is the best hack in this section atm. I love hacks that have a lot of sidequests and mini-games. The seasons and such are a nice feature, as well as the Mystery Gifts. The tiles look good really good in this, even though FireRed tiles are pretty much overused these days. Good luck, and I hope to see some more of this hack :)
    One of the best? That's such a huge compliment. Don't worry, there is more Shattered Dreams to come.
    Originally Posted by drew6464 View Post
    Even then the tilesets aren't really overused at all, because everyone wants the D/P tilesets more. It really is the best hack on here... I think I'm nominating it for HotM. What do you guys think?

    Also, spritingspritingspriting! There's a new contest on SmackJeeves coming up and I need all the practice I can get... so requests will make me a happy camper dude.
    Again, thanks for the huge compleiment. I'll PM you when I need some more sprites.

    Thanks everyone for the huge ammount of support. A reminder that the updated alpha will be out 05.30.11 following the beta release on the 20th of June. I apologized that I just got around to taking some screenshots. I've been extremely focused on finishing up finals. But I've taken a a few screenshots of the new mystery gift The Eggcellent Togepi. This mystery event will only last one day, so on the day of the release is the day you should go get the Mystery Gift. One thing you'll notice is that I changed the ball in which Togepi is given to you. I originally announced that Myster Gift pokemon would be given to you in Luxury Balls. But instead I decided Premier Balls were better, that way Luxury Balls can be obtained in game. That also means Premier Balls cannot be obtained throughout normal gameplay. Like the Cherish Ball of Gen IV & Gen V the Premier Ball is strrictly for event Pokemon. One could say this is another way for the game to identify whether or not an event Pokemon is legitamate. Also, for reason I can't be annoyed to reveal, in order for this event to work, you have to have ONLY one Pokemon with you. Since this event is early in the game I figure this shouldn't be too much of an issue. In the furture some events will require that you have exactly 5 pokemon. Small price to pay for the gifts you get.
    Also I took drew6464's advice and resprited the hero. He looks proportional to me now. Also the hero[ine] have new official names. They are Conan and Claire. Which I think are better than Ace & Ariel. Uhm.. I think that's all I have to say. So here are the screens.


    The Togepi in the screenshot doesn't have a number because I forgot to activate the national dex in the save file I was using. In game it will have a normal number, like every other Togepi in the game. I've just about said all I need to say, so yeah. Til next time.

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.