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Sorry for taking several days since the last update, guys. I have a very busy life -.-

Fearless Love's RP thread is accepted.

FallenAngelSilver's RP thread is now accepted.

DeadAlex5's RP thread is unfortunately denied.
The plot is too short, please expand it.

Nintendoshs' RP thread is denied.
The plot is too short and doesn't describe enough. And think again about letting in 29 players... it can get pretty messy.

Roserade's RP thread is accepted.

Ash's Pikachu's RP thread is denied.
We've had several B&W roleplays lately, so now I think new ones should have something special in their story setting them apart. This doesn't, so try to come up with something a little different in terms of story, instead of just the journey the player makes in the game. Also, it's a good idea to describe a bit about how the RP is supposed to be played.

Xilfer123's RP is pending until you VM me promising to add a rating as soon as the thread is up.

miley810's Rp thread is unfortunately denied again, because I still don't understand completely.
Is the magical world the forest inside the city, or is there a gate of some kind where you can pass into the magical world? And are the kids (the players) going to become mages when they enter there?

jackblaze's RP thread is accepted.

Fluff's RP thread is accepted, because I'm nice and it looks neat.
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