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Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Please re-read the first post before joining. Thank you! =)

Looking at everyone's squad page makes me think I should make some updates on mine... It's pretty bare. XD I'll get to it eventually, but first I have to get my grades up... Which means homework.

Also gotta catch up on the new episodes, but again, homework first...
Thanks for the heads up - I don't know how I managed to completely miss the final rule on the first post.

Anyway, I'll take it you're watching the anime currently? How is it? Would you recommend me to catch up? (the last episode I watched was a filler episode after Yammamoto fought Aizen in Karakura Town and lost)

I'm honestly considering re-watching the series from where I left off but I don't like watching fillers or elements the editors add that don't have anything to do with the story as it prolongs the series unneededly.
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