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    Originally Posted by sonic1 View Post
    Well now you would need to search where is the routine (the part of it) that sets the byte at 02022B4C to 00. In case you haven't noticed yet, the routine writes values to that adress (Which i usually call Battle Flag, so lets call it for now on) 2 times. The first time its for resetting the flag to 00 and the second time is to ADD (NOT SET!! <--IMPORTANT!) a value depending the original event (trainer or wild battle).
    To help you, here's the offset of the final write (the one that's going to decide what type of battle it is): 0801065C. At this location you're going to find an asm command "str r1 [r2, #0x0]". This is when the routine sets the the value for the battle. Make a branch there and change r1 into the value whatever A0 or whatever the value you need to put the ghost battle before that command is executed.

    ^ But I want to remove the ghost part of the battle, like in the video Derio posted except without the Silph Scope message and transformation animation. The A0 value still causes all these things to happen - I need to alter the way the ghost battle itself works.
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