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    Oo..Lemme join. Ive been an atheist for quite a while, but just realized it a few years ago after my mother tried making me go to church~ I just felt that I wont believe in a god that will condemn me to eternal torture and suffering for the rest of eternity just because I didnt believe in him. Of course, I respect anyones faith and beliefs, but if they try to spark a discussion about it and try to make me believe in that religion, I wont back down..

    What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?

    Same sex marriage, I dont see any problem with it. Who says men and women are supposed to marry each other? I see no universal rule about it . Nor do I see a universal rule about same genders marrying and loving each other, you love who you love, and theres no helping it. Whether its an animal, a fish, or the same sex as you, let nothing stop you!

    The death penalty..hmm.. Im with it, as long as its justified, but on the other hand a lot of innocent people do die from it...Who cares? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Just kidding, I cant really decide which side to take :c

    Abortion...I see no point in this. In my view, its like taking a knife and killing the baby right after its born. You are stopping a human being from living, from growing up, falling in love, getting married, and having children..Just because you cant take care of him/her or see him/her as a burden? That gives you absolutely NO right to go and kill him/her. There are much better options, such as adoption.

    Why are your beliefs the way they are?

    Mostly because my family was..Christian? Maybe . Anyway, they tried forcing me to go to church, and after thinking over the religion as a whole, I saw many holes in the faith. Such as we are condemned to hell if we dont believe in the religion, and dont pray and do good every day. What kind of god that supposedly preaches about doing good and all that would do that to us just because we didnt have any substantial proof he is real other than our belief and therefor we dont believe in him?

    Do you believe in any form of life after death?

    Not really sure, I like to believe in solid facts, other than just making random guesses.

    Do you believe in aliens?

    It would be naive of me to say that we are the only life forms in this universe, in even this galaxy. There are billions upon billions of stars in only ONE galaxy, and there is billions upon billions of galaxies in the universe. Of course, I dont believe in the "aliens" I believe in "other life forms" though, since they arent really "aiens" since they would view us as aliens were we to go to their planet (Just watch that Planet 51 movie, youll see what I mean).

    Does your family and friends know about your faith? If no, why not?

    Yes, my mother practically every day pushes me to go to church and believe in god. Most of my friends know im atheist, and they pretty much dont care, since most of them dont believe in "God" as well. My father is sort of atheist, but he is also open to most beliefs.

    If God does exist, what do you think it would be like?

    Some old guy wearing a toga.

    What are your family's general religious beliefs?

    My mother and siblings are..I think christian. My grandfather I believe to be atheist, as well as my father, and my grandmother and uncle I dont know about.
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