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    Originally Posted by Alomar View Post
    OK. that lab is B.A. I feel its pointless for all that sea and area to the right if the player can't see any of it. that just wastes space. the log is kinda random by the edge of the cliff. the cliff with all the rocks makes the cliff seem less like a cliff and seems like gradual decline instead. the mini pond looks nice/path does it etc. 8/10

    IMO the route is way too short. but good that you force the player through the grass atleast. since its so small the two signs feel clustered to me. 6/10

    okay now.

    map name : Arbor Town
    rom : FR
    hack : Pokemon Amber
    comments : town with the second gym in the valley of a forest. route to the left is a water route, east is more forest. the town and surrounding has stone road because theyve heavily industrialized the forest, weather facility in the top right. pretty basic
    This is map is extremely square. Too square in fact. Also it looks like you're using only one grass tile. For a town with a gym and weather institute it is extremely small. There's only one house, and for a town that small I don't see why there's a Pokemart & PokeCenter. That's about all I have to say about it.
    Rating: 4/10
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