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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    Yes, I'll change the music so that the cities and places
    will change appropriate music. Unfortunately, Trainers will not share any
    names at all. All of them will have a new name. (Custom)
    Also, since I hate the cave and forest music in R/S/E, the caves and forests will either have the Game Corner, Lilycove Museum or the Slateport Museum music.

    The English version is the translation of LP. It is heavily edited in Trainer names and Pokédex entries.
    Also, all Trainer sprites will match their OWs,
    unlike the original LP.
    I'm sorry but I have to say this: LP isn't your hack. As such shouldn't the decisions about anything other than translating be left up to Wesley FG? According to what you say in the thread, you have permission to translate not make creative changes depending on what YOU like. It just annoys me to no end that you're here making all of these changes like you're a co-creator of the hack or something. At the end of the day I'll probably avoid the English patch since it won't be the exact same as Wesley intended it to be.
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