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Hi all

Just read through the majority of this thread, and it's been interesting to see the process of Prism's creation from the very start, even though I only began playing it 2 months ago!

It is the best hack I have seen, yet I am worried that it will be too graphically outdated to receive the attention it deserves unless it is finished SOON. (Saying that, Crystal is my favourite Pokemon game of all time).

Coolboyman claims on his Twitter that he has just lost his job due to cutbacks - that's a shame, but he may end up using his time making Prism! Who knows!

Let's hope another update is released soon as there hasn't been one in ages! Everyone spread the word and let's get this thing finished and noticed!

P.S. Coolboyman, why not find a fellow hacker who you know well to help you finish this? It'd make it a lot quicker...
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