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    Ok. I have a couple of shiny flawless pokemon I'd like you to EV train. You can feel free to keep a copy of each if you want. I don't want them to be rare candied up to level 100. I have the specific levels I want them to be and such outlined below:

    Pokemon:shiny adamant machop
    Ev Spread: 128 HP/252 ATK/128 speed
    Moveset desired:substitute, dynamic punch (learns at level 51 as machoke), stone edge, payback

    Let it evolve to machoke and rare candy it up to level 55 or so. PP Max all the moves.

    Pokemon:shiny adamant gyarados
    Ev Spread: 156 HP/72 ATK/96 DEF/184 Speed
    Moveset desired: dragon dance (learns at level 44), taunt, waterfall, stone edge

    Level it up to 50 and PP max all the moves.

    Feel free to use pokerus.

    EDIT: This is for 4th gen.
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