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Great game, I'm at Castelia City...

My Current Team:

Batl Skard the Grotle:
Lv. 30
Item: Miracle Seed
- Rock Smash
- Bite
- Razor Leaf
- Mega Drain

kupogasm~ the Mightyena:
Lv. 30
Item: Quick Claw
- Fire Fang
- Ice Fang
- Thunder Fang
- Crunch

Primeflame the Simisear:
Lv. 30
Item: N/A
- Cut
- Work Up
- Acrobatics
- Fire Pledge

Navy SEAL the Dewott:
Lv. 31
Item: Scope Lens
- Revenge
- Karate Chop
- Water Pulse
- Razor Shell

♠DracoLen★ the Trapinch
Lv. 22
Item: Exp. Share
- Bite
- Sand-Attack
- Faint Attack
- N/A

So far it's been a great experience. I've really enjoyed the changes to the Pokemon, which you can see I've really based my team on. DracoLen was caught recently. Just a suggestion... is there a way for you to add a shiny wild Pokemon to your Action Replay codes? But still, great game in every way possible so far. I'll post my Hall o' Fame team here once I defeat Alder.

NOTE: I like to keep my Pokemon the same level, if you were confused to way all the Pokemon were all Lv.30 that's why.
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