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    Do we have a new member?
    Hello. smile!, Captain of Squad 13, avid Unohana fan. That's pretty much about me. Welcome to the club, Zaspien. =D And I like your avatar. NOM NOM

    Also, this should be my... post that contains all the things about me. Yeah. Expect it to be long

    Name: Nakashima Kazumi

    Gender: Male

    Rank/Squad: Captain, Squad 13

    Zanpakutou: Kyoukaku

    Inner World: It's in a house, 2nd floor. More like a large room, actually. If you know Nobita's room from Doraemon, that's how the furniture inside it is arranged: a study table, the cupboard that Doraemon made his bed. book rack, etc. But it's larger. And there's this huge window overlooking sceneries that always change whenever I go inside; outskirts or a town, rural areas, riversides, you get it. On moody days, it'll probably rain. On emo days, a storm would brew outside. The joker sleeps inside the cupboard at night. Occasionally, we go out together (by climbing out of the window and softly dropping to the ground). XP But most of the time whenever I visit, he'll bring along his two friends and we'd play Go Fish together. XD

    In bankai state, the floor is way higher and you go up via an elevator that skyrockets at the speed of sound.

    Eyes: Brown. Twinkling brown. 8D

    Hair: White, shoulder-length.

    Height: 174 cm

    Physical Age: 20-ish

    Personality: Is very easygoing and laidback. He can be annoying at times, but very rarely so. Is mostly seen with a pair of earphones plugged on, listening to his favorite Japanese songs. Loves to readjust his glasses for unknown reasons.

    Primary Hand: Right

    Battle Style: His swordsmanship is ranging from average to poor, because he loves using Kido much more than physical force... eh. However, he can fight unreleased if he wants to. Though, most of the time, he would certainly use shikai in battles. If he happens to get an element that is inferior to his enemy, he would find a way to effectively use that element, or else resort to Kido and swordfighting.

    Battle Stats:

    Offense: 60
    He is pretty horrible on the offense side, since his zanpakto is wholly Kido. Even on the rare occasion he uses his Joker card, he'd use it only in really tight situation, or in bankai, where he can blast off fireballs from sword tips. His archery skills, however, do not fall under this category since his aim is actually quite precise.

    Defense: 80
    His defense, on the other hand, is ranging from average to good. It would be most notable with his defensive cards, as well as Kido skills. Coupled together, he could erect an almost-impossible-to-destroy barrier, useful for aiding shinigami in need. (Though the Captain of Squad 13, he was formerly under Squad 4, so he knew basic healing with Kido. Also, some of the Water Cards contain curative capabilities)

    Mobility: 90
    His Speed is good. Maybe not fast enough to be on par with, say, Squad 2 Captain (who is the Head of the Onmitsukido anyway), but other than that, he is rather fast; fast enough to launch a card attack from one side, flash step to the other side and launch another card attack, and make it as if the two attacks are released continuously (not simultaneously, cause that would be haxx). If the Wind Card set is activated, his speed would be boosted even further.

    Kido: 100
    Kido is the only field that he really excels in. Apart from being able to use Hado and Bakudo spells with relative ease, he also likes to combine his card effects with Kido spells, to create... even more Kido spells. XD Sometimes, the extent of the combinations can be quite devastating, mind you. The activation of the Mind element would boost his Kido up to even greater degrees, but it's rarely done in shikai due to the reiatsu consumption drawback.

    Reiatsu: 90
    He doesn't really exert that much reiatsu out, because most of his spiritual powers are directed to Kido. Though he still could crush weaker opponents with his spiritual force if he wants to.. Yeah. A lot of his reiatsu are directed towards his card abilities, so he'd need a huge stock of it to use his cards well. Something like that.

    Intellect: 90
    His intelligence is not high enough for him to be able to speculate every single move his opponent is going to make in the battlefield, or to predict the whole battle even before it starts, but once he sees a chance, he is often able to manipulate it somehow to his advantages. He might also sometimes take a hit in order to let a certain strategy works. His intelligence also plays an important role when he is combining Kido spells with his card effects, often able to make a seemingly harmless defense card into KABOOOOOOM!! a dangerous assault.

    Physical strength: 70
    Yeah... It's not great, because he mainly uses Kido. A LOT. But sometimes he does use melee weapons too. So... average.

    Stamina: 70
    His stamina is on par with his physical strength, which can sometimes be a flaw to him. However, with the barrage of cards surrounding him and the sheer amount of Kido spells he can use, this doesn't affect his battle abilities much.

    Total: 650/800

    Credits to Zameric =D

    Zanpakuto Name; The Gambler (侠客, Kyōkaku)

    Type; Kido; multi elemental

    Zanpakuto Spirit; A Joker. His face is painted with 4 colours (blue, red, yellow and green) while his nose is usually purple. These 5 colours always change location every time I see him (sometimes red is top left of his face, sometimes it's blue there. His nose, while mostly purple all the time, can also switch places with the other 4 colours.) Despite his appearance, he is rather friendly actually... Though people often misjudge him (with that look, hard not to).

    Release Command; Shuffle (切れろ, Kirero)

    Shikai Details; When I say the command, my zanpakto glows, and became sorta 'folded' (y'know, like Zommari's zanpakto becoming rolled up, mine is just folded instead) and, pressing them with my hands, they turn into a pack of playing cards, complete from the ace to the joker (14 cards in total). However, instead of the usual hearts/spades/diamonds/clubs, symbols of various elements are etched on the cards instead. There are symbols for water, fire, earth and wind. There is also the Mind element, but it hasn't got a symbol of its own.

    The set of element I get every time I use shikai is completely random. (Hence the zanpakto spirit is a Joker) I might get lucky enough to get water-cards against Fire opponents, but I can also be unlucky enough to get the same set of cards against a lightning user.. If I do get that unlucky, I usually try to minimise using the cards or revert to sealed state and resort to abusing Kido spells instead... Hehe (I can't reseal and release again to get different element; once I get that particular element in a battle, it'll stay that way until the battle ends)

    The Joker card
    The Joker of any element gains me a weapon that corresponds to the element, which is useful in close combats. If I use the Joker, the other playing cards (2 - the Ace) will be disabled, and can only be used again if I stop using the Joker card. Switching between the Joker and the other cards eat quite a lot of time and reiatsu, so I don't really do that much. However, since I prefer long ranged combats, I would almost always use cards from 2 - the Ace.

    The weapon themselves cannot spout out random elemental attacks. Like the Fire Joker can't blast fireballs from the tip, it's just that the weapon has infused elements. So, the Wind Joker is a set of fast moving and accurate arrows, the Water Joker is a water trident similar to Nejibana (Kaien's zanpakto), and so on~

    The Deuce - The Ace
    Cards #2 to the ace are for elemental attacks that require no weapon.. The strength range is in ascending order, #2 Cards being the weakest while the Ace, having the strongest attack power for its corresponding element, is the kind of card I'd consider a 'trump card'.

    I should also mention that even cards [2, 4, 6, 8, 10] are direct attacks, (like Earth Card #2 shoots out small bursts of stones), odd cards [3, 5, 7, 9] are supportive or traps (e.g Wind Card #7 is a shield of fast-moving current of air), while the Jack is a combination of both direct damage and trap/supportive (the Jack of Water creates a maelstrom that shreds enemies apart, but heals teammates). I can only use one card at a time.

    Finally, the Queen, King and Ace. Each three cards have different effects:
    -The Queen enables me to combine cards... from the deuce to the Jack. I can combine two, three, half, or all of them. She also boosts the powers of each card by threefold. The Queen is useful for fighting a really large horde of enemy.
    -The King causes the elements to manifest themselves in a visible form. The Wind takes the form of a dragon, the Fire takes the form of a phoenix, the Water takes the form of a maiden and finally, the Earth takes the form of a rock giant. The King is usually used to fight a very strong opponent.
    -The Ace is the ultimate attack form of each element, used to fight a huge crowd of strong foes. (Imagine Fiendfyre from Harry Potter for an example of the Fire Ace)

    Due to the strength of these 3 cards, I can only use one of them with each release. After the use, my shikai will automatically revert back to its sealed state. I rarely use these 3 cards though.

    Additional element:
    Right.. About the five elements. Mind is actually a hidden element; i.e anytime I use any element, Mind can bring about the 'side component' from the original element. For example, Wind causes static electricity (lightning), Earth can generate poison, Water could be changed to Ice, you get it. However, activating and attaching Mind to the elements eat quite a lot of reiatsu, and I generally prefer Kido than doing that. (Cards with Mind element attached has a purple edge) If I activate Mind, I can choose to attack with the original element alone or infusing it with Mind - though as I've said, I'd probably never use it. Activating it alone burns a huge amount of reiatsu, not to mention using it.

    Bankai Name; Joker's Grin (冗談人の笑顔, Joudanjin no Egao)

    Bankai release phrase; Reshuffle (切り直す, Kirinaosu) [apart from the usual shouting 'BANKAI!!!!!1' like a maniac, XD]

    Bankai Details; My bankai is relatively simple. All of the restrictions I had in shikai is lifted. In other words, instead of random elements, I get to choose which card I want to use. Instead of only one set of card, I can freely switch between sets, or even have 4 rows of cards active at the same time (though if I do so, they could hinder my vision). I can now freely combine cards without the Queen, so now the Queen gets a new ability: it enables me to cross cards between elements instead. This can sometimes be redundant (e.g when Fire is combined with Water, they cancel each other out) so I must plan the usage carefully. Also, in bankai, the Queen cards boost each card's power up to sixfold. Joker Cards can be combined with other cards too, so now I can have a fireball-blasting sword :D And of course, I can use the King and the Ace anytime, without reverting back to sealed state. (They STILL burn a lot of reiatsu though.)

    Also, in Bankai state, the additional Mind element is automatically implanted onto each element (without the reiatsu-consumption drawback), so I would get more attack types.

    Anything Else; I feel like I should explain my appearance.. Whenever released, the cards will surround me (levitating, of course) in one line, around the level of my... shoulder, in the order starting with the Joker, then the Deuce to the Ace. Obviously, they cannot be touched by others, and attacks cannot harm them. The cards, like, follow me throughout the battle until I reseal them.

    In shikai, the back of the cards are coloured according to their elements.
    In bankai, the back of the cards comprise of all 4 colours. With a purple edge.

    Oh. The release sequence in the shikai details is the 'flashy' kind of release. XD I can still release it quicker, by just saying the command, the blade, guard and hilt dissolves, turning into cards.

    Fullbring Name: The Last Melody

    Item: A red MP3

    Activation description: I press the “On” button of the MP3. A pair of earphones then snake out of the jack and wriggles up to my ears.

    Ability Details:
    The Last Melody is an ability that forces everyone to take words literally. In this sense, words mean lyrics. As soon as the “On” button is pressed, a random song from the MP3 plays. Anyone within a 2-meter radius around me will then act accordingly to how the lyrics of the music that is playing on my MP3. Due to the earphones, only I would be able to listen to the song, though, so the opponent cannot predict what moves he would have to do next, just in case the opponent knows the song.
    The nature of this ability is randomness, since the song is chosen at random. Also, the opponent is only bound to act according only to one line of the lyrics, after which he would be excluded from the 2-meter radius. If the enemy enters the range again, though, he would have to act out another line of lyrics.

    Also, the randomness of this ability is that the lyrics can either be merely nothing to simply stupid or exceedingly dangerous, since this ability takes the meaning of the words literally. For example, a line of “If this life bores me, why don't I start running forward?” would cause the target to simply run forward for a few seconds, then after he is out of the 2-meter range, he could freely stop. On the other hand, if the lyric just happens to be “My burning feelings overflow” at that time, then the target would feel as if he is burning (remember that this ability takes the words literally). If he doesn’t lose his head and quickly exit my range, he would be freed of that feeling, but if he keeps staying in the circle, he’d eventually die of overheating (once the lyric has been ‘fulfilled’ by the target, he is free to exit the circle. If he doesn’t, though, the effect will stay). And finally, lines that do nothing to the target are something like this: “This endless orbit, wide universe” because well, it has nothing for the target to do. Yeah. And finally, it can be a bonus for the target, if the lyric happen to be “our boundless wishes; I can feel that they will be granted” or something like that, but since the target won’t know that he can make his wished come true, he’d have to discover it by luck. But if such things happen, I’d move myself out of the 2-meter range once his first wish is granted. (The lyrics HAVE to be acted out AT LEAST once, before either my target or I can move out of range)

    If the MP3 happens to play instrumental songs, then it would affect how the target behaves while in the range. Sad, slow songs cause them to be demoralized, happy songs uplift their spirits, etc. Also, I can use the Fast Forward button to shuffle between songs.
    An evident weakness to this ability is that I do not have a weapon, so apart from the 2-meter radius around me, I’m open to long-range attacks.

    An alternative ability to The Last Melody is the MP3 transforms into a long trident with a bladed end, with the earphones still connected to the trident… somewhere. (Think of a pole with the prongs on one end and a glaive on another end). In this form, the ability is a bit similar to Pikapal’s zanpakto, in which the songs’ rhythm affect the way I move, however it doesn’t increase my speed or strength, it just provides a certain beat to the way I fight. Also, the lyrics are not acted out anymore.