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    AHHHH I READ THAT SPOILER. I need to umm catch up on the anime... yeah.

    This... makes me mad that I have to keep going to school every day until graduation... Instead of watching anime all day. XD Well hey, I found out that after graduation day, we don't have to come into school anymore. WOOT.

    Oh and umm to the new member, Zaspien... I don't think I've formally introduced myself. LOL Sorry!!! I'm Min, captain of squad 10. WE HAS COOKIES.

    Something you should know about me...? Well, that would certainly be that I can become extremely hyper. And pretty much out of nowhere, too. Hence the cookie comment. But it's true... XD I've got a secret stash of cookies, but I'm not telling anyone where it is. XD XD XD