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    Originally Posted by lunaeclipse View Post
    Hey guys, on pokemon emerald i have this vapoureon level 81 that knows surf and i wanted to transfer it to my pokemon heart gold but it cant forget surf, that move deleter says that this move is too well leared for it to be forgotton but ive worked realy hard and i dont want it to go to waste please help me!!
    If the Move Deleter won't make Vaporeon forget Surf, it can be for one or both of the following reasons:

    1. Vaporeon is the only Pokemon you have that knows Surf, or

    2. Surf is the only move Vaporeon knows.

    If the first scenario is the case, then just teach Surf to another Pokemon, then try having Vaporeon forget it again. If it knows only Surf, then teach it a move via TM or the Move Relearner (he is located in Fallarbor Town and charges a Heart Scale for his services) then take it back to the Move Deleter.

    If you try both and it still won't forget Surf, then you may have to raise another from scratch.