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    @sheep261 - Thank you so much for the review! And I'm glad you like it, especially since I'm trying to appeal to an older crowd.


    “Lucky bastard!”

    “I can’t wait to see what rare pokemon I get!”

    “Dude, he’s got a Riolu!”

    Shaun’s ears picked up that. At least the gossipers were helpful. He didn’t even know what this thing was. “A Riolu, huh?” he mused, staring down at the blue and black dog pokemon with a critical eye.

    The Riolu stared up at him before giving a frown. It folded its arms and turned its head away with a “hmph”.

    True shock ran through Shaun as he stared at the little beast. Weren’t pokemon supposed to be loyal to humans, especially starters?

    “Are you ready?” Alex called out, startling Shaun out of his thoughts.

    “Hey,” Shaun said harshly, unknowingly making the adults watch with an even more serious gaze. “Riolu, we’re gonna have a battle. Ya know, bashing faces and **** like that.”

    Riolu, unused to such a way of talking, turned back to Shaun.

    “Pokemon like to battle, right?” Hesitantly, almost as if hating itself for agreeing, the Riolu nodded. “Then go get that!” Shaun roared, pointing to the Torchic already standing at the ready.

    The crowd instantly began cheering, each person eager to see their first battle as a trainer.

    Alex grinned. “Alright then!” he shouted as Riolu, after one last bizarre glance at his trainer, jumped the distance and landed in front of his bird pokemon. “Torchic, use Scratch!”

    “Riolu!” Shaun began, only to falter. His harsh, commanding voice died out instantly as he realized he didn’t know a single thing about his pokemon, much less moves.

    “Toor!” the fire chick called out, running with surprising speed at the impatiently waiting Riolu. Its talons flung up dirt as it ran, and as Riolu had expected Shaun to give an order, it was literally frozen when nothing came, much to its disgrace and shock. So, with a battle cry that was quite impressive for the small pokemon, the Torchic jumped up high and slashed its talons harshly against Riolu.

    “Luu!” Riolu cried out, staggering backwards and holding its stomach. It sharp teeth were clenched tightly and its face was twisted in fury. “Riolu!” it barked at Shaun, turning to glare at him as if it were his fault.

    “Torchic, Peck!” Alex called amidst the laughter and cat calls.

    Shaun cursed loudly, drawing more laughter as Torchic wasted no time and once again charged, its beak poised. With exact precision, it landed exactly three hits with that sharp beak on Riolu’s chest, almost exactly where it had attacked last time.

    “Riiolu!” Riolu howled, jumping back to give the two more room. It snarled at Shaun.

    “Muk, ****,” Shaun snarled, grasping his hair with both hands. What kind of attacks could he use that would work? What type was Riolu anyway?

    “Another Peck, Torchic!” Alex’s voice came out a lot mellower, almost as if he were disappointed with how the battle was progressing.

    As usual, Shaun’s anger overtook him and he shouted the first thing that came to mind, “Jump!” What? Pokemon could dodge as well.

    “Lu,” Riolu grunted, long legs tensing before it basically sprang high into the air. “Riiio!” Riolu called mockingly over Torchic’s head where it did a little flip and landed safely, Torchic’s Peck power powering down.

    “Another Peck,” Alex ordered with a contemplative look on his face.

    Shaun scoffed. “Punch it in the face!” he ordered, grinning sadistically as he heard Professor Leef’s enraged exclamation in the background.

    For just a second, Riolu looked confused, but soon a rebellious smirk grew and it charged at Torchic. Its tail flailed behind it as it ran quickly, paws light on the ground in a way that made it seem like it was floating. Its grin widened and blood red eyes glittered happily as Torchic too ran at it.

    “Rick to!” Torchic called, beak striking out furiously as soon as the two came within range of one another.

    “Ri! Ri! Ri!” Riolu grunted, swaying its body out of the way each time the beak struck out, just barely missing. Riolu’s feet were firmly planted, and as Torchic drew back to give another strike, Riolu struck out as well, palm out and nailing the fire bird directly.

    Torchic immediately felt pain. First he felt the feeling of flying before the pain hit. And then realization hit as he realized the strike had been so strong it had sent him flying with one nasty bruise on his side. “Toooor!” Torchic cried out, body bouncing a few times and claws trying to dig into the ground for balance.

    The cheers were louder than ever, and even a few were starting to cheer for Shaun. But that was just a few, mind you.

    “Hell yea!” Shaun roared, right hand forming a fist in excitement. He couldn’t believe how much he was getting into this. Not in a million years had he ever thought he would be drawn like this.

    “Torchic, are you alright?” Alex called out worriedly. His pokemon got up on shaky legs but gave an encouraging nod and turned to face Riolu with determination.

    “Another punch in the face!” Shaun called out, not caring about the exasperated looks or outraged mutters.

    He just grinned as his pokemon ran forward, an eager bound in that little body with its palm outstretched. Shaun narrowed his eyes, trying to remember a move that fit that look. He had been taught basics and moves at one point in his life in school. It was a fighting move… Mega Punch? Nah.

    “Torchic, dodge!” Alex gave Shaun a grin when the other gave him a dirty look. “What, other pokemon can’t dodge?” Alex asked, voice playful as his pokemon narrowly skidded out of the way from Riolu’s palm.

    “Lu!” Riolu exclaimed in shock, surprised that its attack missed. It turned to glare at Shaun again, almost as if him missing was his fault.

    Shaun frowned. Damn, what was with this pokemon? “Pay attention!” he barked as the Torchic turned its head, but it was too late.

    With a loud “Torr!” Torchic had already landed a hard Scratch attack on Riolu’s shoulder.

    “Force Palm!” Shaun shouted, his eyes widening as he realized what just happened. Somehow, someway, he has remembered an attack that might fit this profile, but was that really it?

    “Rioo!” Riolu howled, seemingly happy that its trainer finally new a move. His trainer, while not appearing to be an idiot and even looking intimidating, had seemed pretty clueless when it came to certain things, and Riolu had been right. Good thing that his trainer had a good instinct. “Rilu!” Riolu yelled, palm going out quick, striking the retreating fire type just before it got away.

    A painful yelp escaped from Torchic as it stumbled forward; it’s back stinging from the hit. “Toor,” Torchic said lowly, head bent and panting. “Tor… tor… tor…”

    It wasn’t the only one. Riolu had already gotten a few hits, and was panting slightly more, obviously more weakened. “Lu, lu…”

    Shaun gritted his teeth. For some reason, he had though that this battle would last longer, but rationale told him that these were just beginning pokemon and had nearly no experience. Still, anger and resentment at the situation he was in override most common sense and he felt bitter that his pokemon wasn’t lasting. The pokemon he had seen in pits, illegal underground fights (apparently that Andrew brat had one thing right) lasted much longer. And the cockfighting Torchic's would have murdered this one by now...

    “Come on!” he roared, taking Alex by surprise. The joy and commanding aura the boy had been excluding dulled as he stared at Shaun. He looked disappointed, but Shaun didn’t take in any of that. “You can last much longer!” Shaun called.

    “Rio,” Riolu grunted, standing straight and nodding.

    “Good, now Force Palm!” The command came out like a scream and a yell. It blended in with the crowd’s noise, but those who were listening carefully to everything he did could hear the anger, the wildness within.

    “Riluu!” Riolu roared, face bitter and rage nearly as much as its trainer’s. It didn’t think it wasn’t angry for its trainer’s reasons, but it was angry that it was so tired, so weak so early in. With that roar, Riolu ran forward, palm forward and fur bristling. Its weakened condition made it falter in some of its steps, and that was what Alex had been waiting for.

    “Crush Claw!” he called, excitement completely gone. Instead, he looked saddened that the battle would be over.

    “Crush what?” Shaun muttered, watching his pokemon run forward. It was done, he thought savagely. His pokemon was faster and much bigger than that puny little… what the hell!?

    Shaun watched, wide eyed as the Torchic literally bent its body like it was about to do the limbo. A smirk somehow made its way onto that tired beak as its right talon glowed a bright white.

    “Lu,” Riolu winced, stumbling as it missed, eyes and mouth wide open, and began to fall over Torchic, but that’s what the fire bird had been waiting for.

    With a righteous call, Torchic brought its glowing talon up, striking Riolu head on and literally sending the blue and black pokemon flying. Riolu let out a cough, arms flailing and eyes shut tight from the pain. It landed hard on its back with a grunt before a whine escaped from its lips.

    “Get up!” Shaun called desperately, unable to believe what just happened, but Riolu just lay there. The little guy wasn’t unconscious. But it was breathing heavily and bruised.

    “Rioo,” Riolu panted.

    “Toor,” Torchic huffed, looking horrible. It walked with a limp and fell to its bottom but remained as vigilant as it could.

    “Riolu, get up!” Shaun ordered loudly, and by now the crowd was beginning to quiet, wondering what was going to happen.

    “Shaun,” Alex said hesitantly, pausing as they both stared at each other. It was the first time one of them had addressed one with their name.

    “Rio,” Riolu groaned, drawing their attention. Red eyes glaring, Riolu slowly rose itself up to a sitting position, far more bruised than Torchic. “Rio…lu.” It sat there for a moment, deep breaths sounding eerily loud in the quiet crowd, before its eyes shut and it fell back, finally lying still.

    Shaun stood mutely, fists shaking. The crowd was roaring, people beginning to shout congratulations at Alex and taunt him, but it all went right over Shaun’s head. “Muk,” he cursed under his breath.

    The crowd began to cheer.
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