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Ahhh, I've been gone too long! D:

Welcome to the Club, Zaspien! I am Pikapal642, Captain of Squad 9! Nom nom nom

Anime 321:
First off: I like how the screen that showed the episode number has the B be big, and each consecutive character got smaller, since it reflects the digits in the number 321. XD

I saw Reigai Omaeda and literally Lol'ed and rewound to see if I was right in what I saw. XD

Aren't they fighting in the world of the living? If so, they better be careful not to fight near the city. :\

I don't know if I would call the filler better than the manga. I think they are equal. :\ It is nice to have two good stories going on simultaneously. XD

Manga 447:
So Yukio's powers shut out reiatsu? Hmmm. Like a smokescreen type thing, I guess. But what does that meeeeean?

Hmm, they need Orihime? Hmmm.

Yukio is such a little kid. XD I DUN WANNA He is young though, so it is pretty much justified.