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    Pokemon in Rainbows...

    This game was created by Me. Basically what you do is say a Pokemon with a certain color on it. Then the next poster would post a Pokemon with the next color on the color wheel. Here's the link to Pokemon Color's.Below is an example...

    Poster #1:
    Red: Magby
    (extra comment here)

    Poster #2:
    Pink: Luvdisc
    (extra comment here)

    Make sure the color next on the color wheel is a Pokemon Color type. White, Grey, and Black Pokemon aren't going to be fit into the game. Here's how the game would go (in order):
    1. Yellow
    2. Brown
    3. Red
    4. Pink
    5. Violet
    6. Blue
    7. Green

    I'll Start!
    Yellow: Joltik
    Do you think this will be a fun game?
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