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    Sorry for the lack of screenshots guys, it's just that this past week was finals week. But now my freshman year of college is officially over! There will be an update coming Friday with screens and new info but I just wanted to post this mini update to change some things about the event.

    1. I had previously stated that the release for the alpha and the Togepi event would be May 30th. I was wrong. I have it written in my documents as being released on the 30th but the scripts in game align with a release for the 31st. So I can do one of two things. Delay the Alpha 1 day so that everyone can get the Eggcellent Togepi event on the day of the release or option 2 is to release the alpha on the 30th and remind people to go back for the event on the 31st. Either way the alpha will be ready by the 27th so it can be released on either of the two aforementioned days.

    2. I also previously stated that the Togepi Event required that you only have one Pokemon in your team to activate it. This is no longer the case. You can have any number but 6.

    That's pretty much it, I'm going to bed now, and more news to come later.

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