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Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
You know how in some places like Route 402 and Seanport Lighthouse, where a trainer was supposed to battle you didn't? I hope that you fixed it. What I mean is as in the Camper in Route 402 and the Sailor in Seanport Lighthouse. Also some trainers' Pokemon can be fixed with A-Trainer. You can look at what the Pokemon the trainer was supposed to use in PET and fix it with A-Trainer.
I'm actually aware these problems. However, there will be no more Campers or Lasses. Campers will be replaced by other Trainer classes, (Lady, Scientist, etc.) and Lasses will be replaced by a new Trainer class. The new Trainer class is "Teenager". I even made OWs for that Trainer class so that it fits its own sprite.

By the way, are you trying to say that some Trainers' PKMN are repeated?
If so, I replaced them with new ones by inputting new Trainers from the empty slots. (The ones that do not have any names)
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