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    Originally Posted by astrall View Post
    When will be the full english version released?

    @Sarcastic Prince
    Why dont you focus yourself first on translating, (just suggesting, ), rather than changing some aspects of the game? And then after translation, you release a modified/improved version, that will be great, one with preserved hack like the original and one with fixed and modification which credits goes to you.
    I'm changing some aspects of the game because my partner Ash is still making more of the changes I want. (I keep sending him the updated version of the LP patch, but he has been inactive lately.) Both of them are done (Translation, change of aspects) at the same time.

    Oh, and the English version is not close to finishing at all.
    Not until Ash sends me back the patch, of course.

    Lastly, does anyone have Advance Text that works for Windows 7?
    I need it to edit the Pokédex entries after the free 25 slots.
    When I used YAPE to edit the Pokédex entries after the free 25 slots,
    it screws up the sprites in the game.
    If so, send it via PM.
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