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    Played Red ever since I was 3 or 4. It was a gift from my grandmother's friend. My cousin (2 years older than me) and I shared it. I remember the days we fought over the cartridge. Squirtle is my first pokemon. Although my first level 100 is Snorlax, I didn't train it. I remember finding a way to get into the room where Lt. Surge was. I didn't knew how to get in there and I skipped Gyms. After weeks of finding a way, my cousin helped me get the 3rd badge and we are off to Saffron City. However, we didn't knew how to past through the Saffron Guards. We were stucked there like a few months till I bought a fresh water and walked through there and walah! After that, my cousin took the cartridge from me and I never saw it again.
    Until last year, I asked my cousin for the cartridge and he gave it to me. However, the game save was deleted (well, after not playing for like 7 years?) and I started it since than and my first level 100 of that run was Snorlax. (again )
    All those memories, I missed them.