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    ~ Current Version ~

    Version 0.4

    ~ Intro ~

    The return of my Pokemon StarterKit for RPG Maker XP!
    Some of you may have seen the progress on this before, but if you haven't then welcome!

    I'd like to point out first of all that this is NOT a modification of Poccil's Pokemon Essentials, it is scripted completely from scratch by myself, with a few scripts by other scripters to incorporate features i don't have time to make.

    This starterkit will provide you with all the necessary tools to create your own Pokemon Game in RPG Maker XP. This kit is in the style of Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

    I'm currently working on ways to make it easier to transfer your game over to my starterkit from poccil's, although more than likely, the files from the PBS folder will not be able to be converted, unless i think of a way that is.

    ~ Current Features ~

    Data Management (Storing Pokemon Data/Moves/Ribbons etc.)
    Summary Screen
    Selection Screen
    Splash Screen
    Title Screen
    Wild Battles (Semi-Complete!)
    Trainer Card
    Data Saving
    Map Connections (Blizzard)
    Pokemon Following (fukuyama)
    Movie Player (trebor777)
    Tilemap (SephirothSpawn - Glitchfinder)
    Resolution Changer (Mechacrash - Kylock)

    ~ Screenshots ~


    ~ Videos ~

    None yet.

    ~ Releases ~

    Version 0.3.2_2 Full Package:

    ~ Credits ~

    Crazyninjaguy - StarterKit
    Poccil - Socket Methods, Window Rewrites, Graphics Module
    Mechacrash & Kylock - Scale Window
    trebor777 - Movie Player
    SephirtothSpawn & Glitchfinder - Tilemap Rewrite
    Blizzard - Map Connections
    PlanetDev - Game Development Community