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    here's chapter four people please gimme some feedback btw I've posted the story on

    Chapter Four

    “I am not going to ask you again - WHERE - IS - THE - CRYSTAL?!” Zed asked, slamming his Zangoose claws onto a wooden table next to him. He was in a square room, with dim lights, with a table and a chair. Right in front of him stood Xandra, her hands tied together, with an angry expression on her Kirlia face. There was a camera on top of the room, recording everything.

    “I am not going to tell you again - I - DON’T - KNOW - YOU - IDIOT!” Xandra wailed, struggling, trying to wriggle lose of the strings which tied her hands together.

    Zed growled and cracked his knuckles, walking closer to Xandra, which made the Kirlia retreat to a corner, trying to avoid him and his petrifying gaze. Without any warning, Zed rushed towards her and punched her in the stomach. Whimpering in pain, the Kirlia fell onto the floor, shivering in the corner as she endured the pain.

    “WHERE IS THE CRYSTAL!” Zed demanded, roaring in a louder and stronger tone, his claws up in the air, ready to slash anything in his way.

    “There, you’ve asked me twice, and you said you won’t ask me again.” Xandra repelled, as she slowly got up with the help of the wall, starting back at Zed, trying to scare him back since there was no use fighting with her legs.

    Annoyed, Zed pushed her onto the floor and pinned her with his claws on her neck, “If physically hurting you won’t work,” the Zangoose snickered, his face closer to hers, “Let’s see what willl happen if I hurt you mentally. Lucifer will sure be shocked when he sees this.”

    Zed lowered his head, and Xandra tried to evade him, but her hands were pressed by his claws and couldn’t move. Their lips met after a failed attempt to dodge him, and Xandra was enraged by his movements. Letting go of a roar, Xandra bit his face as hard as he can, and smirked as the Zangoose yelped in pain, backing off quickly as he rubbed his cheek, which was bleeding now.

    Even more furious, Zed tied her feet and pinned her even harder onto the icy floor, and forced-kissed her before she could do anything. Eyes widened, Xandra wanted to get away, but the only thing she could do right now is to close her eyes, an try her best not to feel his lips pressed against hers again and again, his tongue going deeper and deeper with every attempt... Lucifer....I don’t know how long I can hold this....please...hurry....!


    Lucifer slumped onto the ground, exhausted as he looked at the sky above. The stars were shining brightly, and the Polaris star was shimmering right on top of him as if it was giving him energy and determination. Energy and determination was exactly what he needed, and he didn’t have either of them anymore. Not after this searching.

    80% of the houses had been searched by Lucifer and his hyperactive partner, wade in one night, and it was driving him nuts. Not even one house had Lucifer’s signature aura scent in him, which made him rather depressed. Even though Lucifer didn’t have to barge into any one of them - He could feel simply by scanning the house for his aura, but scanning more than two hundred was simply torture. And what did Wade do?

    “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” Lucifer wailed, still lying on the ground, rather tired. Who could blame Wade? He couldn’t sense Aura, so he couldn’t do anything at all. He saw a house he hadn’t scanned before nearby, and the lights were off, so he got up, a new hope in his heart. As he walked nearer, he stopped outside the door, and knelt down before the house, his eyes closed. He focused on the house, and the Aura of the Pokemon that were inside the house became visible, their Aura in different colours.

    Lucifer got a little excited him when he sensed a Pokemon with blue Aura, but to his disappointment, it was only an Empoleon. With his hope gone in two seconds, Lucifer found a wooden bench and sat down, sighing. He had been searching for his home for hours, and Wade had disappeared a few hours back. Where was he?

    “Hey, depressed Lucario at eleven O’ clock!” a voice came from behind, and a Buizel pounced onto me, landing onto my lap. I was about to ask him where had he been, but he shoved a drink into my paws, “Smoothie?”

    “Where did you go, exactly?” Lucifer took the drink and drank it through the straw.

    “Went around down, the usual,” Wade yawns and took a sip, “Met some some sleep...”

    Lucifer jumped up, “You did WHAT?! I’ve been busy scanning the houses and you’ve been sleeping?!”

    “Not exactly...there are some great female Buizel out there, Lucifer. THEY - ARE - SWEE-” Wade blushes and laughs a little, throwing his finished drink into a rubbish bin nearby. Lucifer could feel his blood boiling and removed the lid from his drink, the poured the smoothie all over the Buizel. The smoothie was cold, or Wade wouldn’t shiver as Lucifer covered his fur with the orange beverage.

    “Chill, dude.” Lucifer rolled his eyes, not believing what he was seeing. He had been doing his work all night, and this Buizel here had fun all night, roaming around the city!

    “I-I already a-am, d-dude.” Wade stammered, shivering because of the coldness from the smoothie, “P-Plus, I can’t do anything to h-help...I c-can’t sense Auras...”

    Lucifer hated to admit, but Wade was right. If he’s next to him all night, he’ll be nothing but trouble, and for a moment there, Lucifer was glad that that Wade wasn’t there with him. The Lucario had a smirk on his face - yes, it was better without him. He could imagine it now...

    Lucifer stood before a cottage and started to search for Auras, as usual. As he was concentrating, someone nudged him from behind. Lucifer frowned, but continued to scan for Auras, sitting on the ground, trying to ignore that certain someone. His aura channeled inside of him, and he felt a comfortable breeze surrounding his body, enhancing his aura scanning by a pinch.

    Lucifer took a deep breath and continued, only to be poked from behind again. The poking stopped his scanning completely, which made Lucifer rather angry. His nose twitched, annoyed, and he turned around, wanting to know who the wicked Pokemon was.

    “Gum?” Wade smiled, handing Lucifer a piece of sugar-free gum. With a roar of frustration Lucifer got up and ran away from the nuisance.

    “Get away from me Wade I can’t concentrate!” Lucifer wailed, his paws in the air as he ran away, unaware of the Buizel still chasing him with a sugar-free gum in his paw.

    “You can’t concentrate with a bad breath, Lucifer!” Wade giggled as he followed him, his tail wagging with pleasure. Apparently he liked it when he was torturing the poor Lucario. With one last sigh Lucifer jumped into the water, hoping that the Buizel wouldn’t follow. But after a while as he held his breath in the water, he saw Wade’s face right next to him, a broad smile on his face...

    Lucifer shook his head, preventing his imagination to take over and smiled. That was...awkward. Indeed, it was better without him. Wade seemed to be confused as Lucifer completely ignored his comments and words for quite a while, and was rather pissed off. Before Lucifer could talk to him once again, Wade punched Lucifer in the face, sending him flying off the bench, the bench tilting over him, squashing him as it was made of wood AND metal.

    “I despise you, Wade...” Lucifer murmured as he pushed the bench away, clenching his paws.

    “...Oops.” Wade gulped and had an innocent-like look on his face, whistling as he started to walk away from him, faster and faster, starting to pant.

    “No you don’t.” Lucifer growled, his paws clenched like fists and dashed after the fleeing Buizel. Fleeing it was, but Wade was laughing and smiling as he hopped from bench to bench, as if he was still having fun. He wasn’t taking this seriously, and Lucifer envied his happy-go-lucky attitude. Lucifer shook his head as he ran, shaking his envy away and his red eyes focused on the Buizel’s tail.

    Enjoying the cat and mouse game, Lucifer smirked and gained speed, his legs taking him faster and faster as his feet pedalled with a steady speed, his hands spread out like the wings of a jet plant. Lucifer was almost there until Wade suddenly made a quick ninety degree turn, running into an alley between two houses.

    Lucifer hit the brakes and followed Wade into the alley, almost losing him. As Wade ran, he pushed the rubbish onto the ground - Bins, large rocks, cans, pots, anything he could find on the way. Lucifer’s eyes widened as a large frying pan came flying towards him, and quickly ducked it as he lowered his body like going under a limbo stick. Slowed by the frying pan, Lucifer jumped over a number of cardboard boxes and started to catch up. Lucario’s movement speed was faster than a Buizel’s after all.

    When Lucifer was finally close enough, he lunged and grabbed Wade’s tail. Wade laughed and with one swift fling, threw Lucifer onto the ground again. Frustrated, and determined to catch the little nuisance, Lucifer turned and got up quickly as he reached for his tail again before he could turn and run. Another whimper was heard and he tripped, falling onto the ground, head first. Wade was still laughing when he turned and faced Lucifer. While Lucifer was trying his best to catch the little pest, he was having the time of his life, which made Lucifer a tad angrier.

    “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t pick you up and throw you into the nearest furnace RIGHT NOW!” Lucifer growled, roaring as he grabbed the Buizel by the neck again. He didn’t have time to play, he had to get to Iron Island as fast as he could to look for Xandra again. But with this clown here, it was like they weren’t going to go anywhere in the following days.

    “Because I can run away?” Wade spoke, snickering in mischief as he wriggled free from Lucifer’s grasp due to his slipper body and escaped, running for his dear life again. Watching as he escaped, Lucifer just wanted to tear him into pieces with his paws...he was totally capable of doing that...but then again...was he? In the Colosseum, if Wade didn’t pretend to lose, he might win...shaking that thought away, Lucifer walked towards the other way, separating with him. He was right all along. It was better without him.

    Alone once more, Lucifer strolled around the city, walking along the silent canals, listening to the water currents as the gentle waves were pushed against the canal walls. It was still early, the bright moon shining above him, so everyone was fast asleep. It was so peaceful, Lucifer just wanted to lie down, and sleep. Someone he knew he couldn’t. There were still houses unchecked, and if Wade was right, his house was here somewhere. His warm, comfortable, home sweet home. Home sweet home....home sweet home...
    home sweet....

    When Lucifer opened his eyes again, he was lying next to the canal, his slobber all over the ground. Uh oh I fell asleep. Lucifer quickly sat up and looked into the sky. The first thing he noticed was the bright, shining sun and the white fluffy cloud- wait, SUN?! That reminded him - he had a ferry to catch!

    Fully charged once again, Lucifer sprinted along the canal, following the water until he arrived at the Canalave pier. The ferry was still there, so he wasn’t too late, or so he thought. His eyes squinted, and almost screamed like a girl as the gangplank started to rise, the boat about to leave. Gaining speed, Lucifer huffed and puffed as he ran towards the pier, his hands behind his back as he gave himself a boost by firing a little aura sphere backwards, pushing him closer towards the pier. The ship was close enough, and Lucifer jumped before the gangplank, then tumbled onto the ships’ wooden floorboards, panting for his breath. Well he made it.

    He walked towards the ship deck and found a sunbathing chair, unoccupied. Without hesitation, he hopped onto the chair just when the ship started to move. Finally, he could get some rest. With that wonderful thought in his mind, he closed his tired eyes and got some sleep. Iron Island, Xandra, here I come...

    Searching for his home, and his parent’s graves would have to wait. Right now, saving Xandra was his goal, and he wasn’t going to give up that easily. It’ll take a while though, the ship was moving horribly slowly, and Lucifer was pissed off. But he shrugged in his sleep, telling himself that he’ll have more time to rest this way. Thinking on the bright side seemed to work, and after a while, even he was shone and burned under the bright sunlight, he was snoring in a few minutes.


    “Keep it up. You’re doing great. We’ll have it in no time...let’s just hope that he’ll have his memory back sometime soon...” said a voice from the other side of the phone, cackling.

    “Thank you. Everything’s going as planned.” replied a familiar voice, and the line was cut.

    -End of Chapter Four-

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