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No problem for the review; this story is completely different from others i have read before.

Anyway, lets go on to the update now shall we.

1) Completely didnt expect the riolu at all; i had a different pokemon in mind (a houndour, but only because i forgot the "standing on its leg" part), so this made it quite nice and interesting
2) It was also nice to see a pokemon similar to Shaun, so i have the feeling that Shaun might prefer fighting types in the future, but who knows
3) Nice to see a could battle, with some good dialogue, unexpected moves. I felt that you had a really good description on the battle as well
4) Its good to see Alex winning, although Shaun didnt know any moves :/... but i sense a rivalry between these two.

So, my rating so far on this story is......9/10

Keep up the good work
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