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    I am definitely interested in joining this RP, I actually just created my PC account because of this RP. I've been dabbing in it for years because of my creative imagination but it never fully led anywhere because I always wanted to join so many RPs. That being said this will be the ONLY RP I will be taking part in until it is completed, that is if I am accepted.

    So without any more run on paragraphs about why I'm here, here's my SU!


    Name: Shizuka 'Shizu' Yoshiko

    Gender: Male
    Age: Eighteen years old.

    Species: Angel.

    Appearance: Angel's typically have a look that everyone expects to see once they learn someone is an angel, usually revolving around a lot of golds and whites and bright shiny aura's that come along with them. That's, of course, due to the Poster Child syndrome according to Shizuka. The higher up's like to present themselves as perfect and want anyone that represents them to fit that same mold, but Shizu never has and never wants to be just a cookie cut being so everyone will love him.

    His wing span is of medium length, just the nature of how he was born into the world..the uniqueness about him is the color of his wings, which still to this day have left many baffled as to how it came to be. Cool gray colored wings that shimmer slightly in the sun and flow easy through the wind - some which would say, though not the blinding white you would expect, is still pretty common and maya blue tipped feathers that trailed around the very edges of his wings.

    Moving into his facial features, Shizu has a pretty typical look. His hair, a light dirty blonde kept somewhere between short and shaggy, always hung down covering left eye. His hair is used to avoid others from staring, a scar slashed diagonally across his eye. However, as one might think, Shizuka was not ashamed of his deformity as some referred to it - he truly embraced his past, but didn't feel the need to be gazed upon simply for having a permanent reminder of where he has come from. His right ear is pierced with two hoops, one right next to the other, through the cartilage.

    Standing at five foot ten with your general athletic/stay in shape, but not becoming crazy like the hulk, body build you will usually see Shizu in a gray or black tanktop - some looking brand spanking new, while others are riddled with holes, burn marks, etc. Living in the world he lives in, there are much worse things than destroyed clothes for him to be worrying about. Continuing downwards, you will see his pants changing from light/dark faded jeans (burns and rips sold separately) to gray sweatpants, on the darker side but still somewhere in the middle, depending on his mood of the day. It's hard to find time to where comfortable things and relax, so basically expect to see him mostly in his jeans.

    Shoe's are a thing of the past for Shizuka as they were too fragile and in his constant endeavors that required "stabler" footwear, so he is only seen wearing various colors and forms of boots. Typically he sticks to the Timbaland colored ones as they match better with his style choice (yes I'm that guy who's worried about outfit matching even in a RP lol).

    Personality: Shizuka was never really much of a talker, even when he was younger. He wasn't depressed, sad or lonely as he has multiple friends or colleagues that he is constantly seen with. Anger issues and a prior history of violence and hatred isn't present either, he never really saw a reason for someone to start a fight themselves or get upset over something without it being purely selfish or the typical bully persona of 'I'm bigger and stronger so I'm going to pick on you' deal. He's just an observer and a learner.

    Shizuka's personality comes from his mother who was always introducing something knew and puzzling for him to learn, the puzzles and riddles making him use his mental abilities above all else to conquer whatever obstacles and challenges came his way. This nature, and his own desire to learn, led to Shizu to quickly master any task or object set in front of him.

    Some people understand him and just leave him be, enjoying his company (with very few words) and just accepting him for the way he desired to live. Other's mocked him, teased him, tried to entice him into a fight or into doing something mischievous that would inevitably lead them into trouble. Shizu just ignored those bothering him for their personal pleasure, only defended himself once physically attacked and continued living his life as he knew how - by learning and observing.

    Element: Iron.

    RP Sample: (As I said, I created my PC account specifically for this RP so my sample is from an RP I originally tried to start long ago, that lead know where. But this was my intro for it.)

    "Accessing Login Screen...


    The information below was what appeared on the screen:
    Username: Nelson Winnids
    Password: **********

    "Login check...Access Granted...

    Welcome Back Nelson...How May I Help You..?"

    Some typing begins echoing throughout a room

    "Accessing Charodic historical file: Number 00-067..."

    After a few seconds, and some buzzing, the following information was read aloud

    "The Charodic is an assassin based organization that was started at the dawn of man. Since then, destiny has chosen select people to rid the world of evil in the stealthiest and quickest way possible. Started by the worlds first assassin, Winston Bellings, the Charodic has had a hand, if not a full body, in all the major killings of super powers in the world. For many years Winston took these jobs on alone, knowing full well the risks to anyone who got involved, and did not wish to change this. Unfortunately, one of his missions turned bad, and his decision was changed and he began taking on students and taught them the ways of an assassin."

    Historical file: Number 00-067 has been paused."

    The person listening to this historical file began typing something else into the computer. More buzzing bounced off the walls of the room, and then the computer began reading aloud again.

    "Personal file: Number 78-145..Winston Bellings..

    After taking the assignment to take out target 126, Jeremy Collins, Winston was ambushed by another assassin known very well to him. To this day, no one knows the name of Bellings betrayer, as he refused to give up his name, and he has been dubbed Lexin.

    Winston escaped the ambush, and completed his mission, but was seriously injured and the destiny of The Charodic was nearly quashed after only being around for such a short time. It was then that Bellings changed his mind about a former decision, and made arrangements to share his knowledge with the coming generations and continue The Charodic until the end of time.

    End of Personal File: Number 78-145..Winston Bellings."

    Again the mysterious person began typing

    "Historical File: Number 00-067 has resumed transmission..

    Since then, Bellings teachings has been passed down through students, families and friends in the form of a book. Every ten years, a leader is chosen to lead The Charodic and adds their own form of training or technique to the book. But then everything was changed, and the Charodic became divided.

    The newest leader, Mitchell Saunders, didn't appreciate his heritage and wanted to change the ways to benefit himself and his followers. For some time, everyone went along with what he wished, knowing they would not be able to just uprise and overthrow a leader. Then one day, Mitchell Saunders' second in command betrayed him and they began to battle. Bullets, knives and physical fighting were all seen as both combatants gazed at the horrifc and gorey battle.

    In the end, the former second in command defeated Mitchell and reinstated the old ways of The Charodic. Mitchells men fled, a new leader already rising to power of the group, to seek revenge one day against their traitorous former comrade.

    End Historical File: Number 00-067."

    A squeak emitted from a chair, the person leaning backwards - placing their hands on the back of their skull. A smile crept across their face as the story had been finished.

    I look forward to hearing back from you about my acceptance or rejection. Also any constructive criticism on my application, such as anything that may need altering or more detail, I love to hear! Thank you =D
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