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Bluestar21's RP is denied, unfortunately.
There is still too little description. If there is a series that you're basing the RP on, you could link to somewhere where the players can read about the series, or you should describe what "winged wolf" and "malcadh" are.

Blaziken15's RP is denied for now.
The story is a bit unoriginal... but I still get the urge to participate ^^ What you can do is put more focus on what's unique for your RP. The players are rivaling each other! They are rejects trying to get a new chance to show the world!
And is there something special about your version of Kanto, or is it exactly like in the games? And the starter pokémon choices don't show up...

[Silver]'s RP is denied.
There is too little plot... please explain more than "it's almost the same plot as in the game". If we didn't demand more plot than that, many pokémon RPs here wouldn't need a plot description at all.

Zerkrom The Hedgehog's RP is denied.
I think you should describe a bit about the new region, what it's like or looks like. And try to write your post into Microsoft Word or some other word processing software before you post it, to get rid of many spelling mistakes.

Cookiez' RP is accepted.
Although the plot is a bit short, I think we get enough info and you seem to have it planned out. Sounds interesting!