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Originally Posted by BattleBeard View Post
Wow, thanks. I am about to start EV training for the first time. All my Pokemon are around the level 50s. I want to face Alder--well, first, the OVERPOWERED LVL 75 Elite 4...then Alder.

If you're EV training for the first time, I'm sure you'll be interested in taking a look at an EV Training Guide I have in specific for Black and White. :)

Also the deal with shinies, is because they are pretty rare to encounter, many tend to be really proud and excited to find one. There are those who don't really care about encountering them though. There's not really much of a story behind shinies besides the fact that they are a different color for a Pokémon. That's all there is to it about 'em, and why they are considered special.


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