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    Originally Posted by The Explorer Of Destiny View Post
    Ok, so I'm looking for an awesome DS game to play.
    Can anyone suggest any between PEGI 3+-PEGI 12/ESRB C-ESRB E10+?
    A T rating would suffice too!
    Well apart from Pokemon, all I play on my DS are the Advance Wars games, there's two out on the DS (Dark Conflict and Dual Strike, both equally as fun). And I also loved Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. But if you're not a Tactical RPG nut like I am, then there are loads of fun and quirky titles out there that you may enjoy, like Elite Beat Agents, Soul Bubbles, Super Scribblenauts and the Mario + Luigi games that are out for it currently (Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story).

    I'm sure you'll enjoy all those games, so take your pick!
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