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Originally Posted by hikikker View Post
You know i don't belive this could happen, but game freak could do it a lot faster than you might think. it would just have to be on the DS, because gamefreak has created all the regions on ds now, in the same map format. now I'm no game develeper, but i imagine it as kind of a connect the dots, and fix bugs when they show up. it still would take them long, because of scripting and story.
Yeah like all that Hoenn on the DS...oh.

More importantly, the graphical styles of BW, HGSS and DP are all different to one another, and that would require the tile sets and building geometry to be re-made in order to fit in with the style used in BW. It'd also need a very large cartridge to store all the grapics and map data, so you'd have to make the big jump from the 256MB carts to the 512MB one that only one DS game uses right now.