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    Originally Posted by D1Hazel View Post
    Would it be possible to consider two different Pokemon to be the same Pokemon? That way we could have 28 Unowns that are created the same as other Unowns, 2/3 pikachus that are treated the same, and 7 or so of the one legendary. That would mean less hardcoded checks, but still wouldn't cover, say, cast-form.

    Of course, I'm reverting to my Yuri's Revenge sensibilities, when this is more Tiberian Dawn style ASM.
    I'm not really 100% sure what you mean here...
    The Unown are all generated in the same way, and are all treated as one species of Pokémon.
    Every Pokémon is randomly generated based on their stats when it's encountered, but there are specific checks determining what forme they can take (Deoxys and Unown are the obvious examples here).

    On a related note, I have managed to programme in all but 1 of the evolutionary types that were introduced in Gen 4 and 5. Including getting the New Evolutionary Stones to work properly. The only one which is currently unavailable is the gen 5 introduced one where the two traded Pokémon control whether or not they evolve.
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