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Hello! It's me your friendly Xilfer12three! Welcome to a barnd new challenge that i like to call: The One-In-Each challenge.

How to play:
It's simple. You get one random pokemon for each region of Pokemon. (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova) And must train it to its full extent, meaning LVL 100. Unlike most or all challenges, you do NOT have to beat the Elite four. The challenge is complete when all 5 of your pokemon are LVL 100. It is a very time-consuming challenge and is not for the faint of heart.
Once you have signed up for the challenge, i will assign you 5 random pokemon, one from each region. You will train these Pokemon each in a different game. The one from kanto must be trained in any Pokemon game that has the Kanto region as its main spot. The Johto pokemon must be trained in Johto, etc.


You may use emulators and the speed button.
You require 1 version of each generation of pokemon game.
Cheating will never be tolerated, ever! Don't worry, your pokemon will be catchable before the third gym. If not, you may trade/cheat it in
If your assigned pokemon is not your starter, you may use your starter to help train your assigned pokemon. You may use it against trainers until you reach your assigned pokemon.
You may trade in your assigned pokemon if it is not available before the third gym.
For the Johto assignment, you may enter Kanto to train.
Side-teams may be used to help your assigned pokemon train.
No legends will ever be assigned.
If you REALLY don't like your pokemon, you have one redraw. But that's it!
The pokemon you get will always be basic. You must evolve it to its last form.
If you choose to go monotype. And you get a pokemon that will evolve into another type, don't worry, this isn't monotype challenge, you may evolve it.

Entry Form:

Name: (your username)
Games: (the versions you will be using)
Monotype: (do you want your selected pokemon to be of a certain type?)

The you wait for your pokemon to be revealed by me.

My Entry Form:

Name: Xilfer123
Games: LeafGreen, Crystal, Sapphire, Pearl, White.
Monotype: No.

My pokemon are:
Kanto: Krabby
Johto: Venonat
Hoenn: Zubat
Sinnoh: Mime Jr.
Unova: Cubchoo

I'll start with Krabby from Kanto and move on from there.

Well, have fun!
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