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So lets see~
Hack name: Pokémon™ Moonshine (Actually a working title)

Hack of: Pokémon™ FireRed (US)

Additional information about the hack: Well, I will start this as professional as I can, thats why I am looking for some help.

Finished percentage: About 3%, maybe? (Story, Tilesets)

Your hacking skills: Basically everything exept asm. (Already found a nice person who helps me with asm, you know who you are ^.^)

What help or skill you're looking for: Spriter - I need someone who can sprite overworld and trainersprites. Not just basic stuff, I need awesome sprites for a awesome game.

Additional contact information: I prefer private messages or msn~

Additional information: Dont hesitate to contact me if you need additional informations.
Mh, thats it.