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    I was four when I received my first ever video game, Pokemon Yellow. I was so awesome at it, even though I couldn't read half the words. In fact, I was SO AWESOME at it that I trained my Pikachu (and only my Pikachu) to level 70, had my brother evolve it through a trade, and then sobbed when Blue sent out his Sandslash at the Indigo Plateau. Ah, youth.

    Pokemon Gold turned out slightly better (but not really). I kind of scrambled through the game until the Lake of Rage, where I captured the Red Gyarados and spent the better part of two years getting to level 100. I then proceeded to own everyone in the game. Obviously, I didn't have much skill (come on, I was six), but me and Gyarados are best buddies. I even traded a clone to Crystal to preserve him for eternity, because my save battery is due to die any minute now.

    Yeah, I know this is a huge tl;dr. Sorry. :l
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