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Now I have a Digimon based idea.

The Crests. Pick six out of Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light, and Kindness.
Courage should be either a Fire-type or a reptilian Pokemon. It should know at least one Fire type move.
Friendship should either be a beast-like Pokemon, or an Ice or Electric type. Preferably a bluish Pokemon if at all possible. Try not to make it part Water, though.
Love should definitely be a bird-like Pokemon and know Fly.
Knowledge should most likely be a Steel, Bug and/or Electric type. If it can learn Steel move, a Bug move and/or an Electric Move, that's even better.
Sincerity should be Grass Pokemon, preferably a more feminine one.
Reliability should definitely be a Water-type, preferably one based off a sea creature. Teach it Surf no matter what.
Hope should be a masculine-looking Digimon that is often associated with the good guys. If it can fly, that's a plus as well.
Light is similar to hope, but more feminine, or possibly feline.
Kindness should likely be something associated with either being totally good or totally evil.

All except for Love, Sincerity, and Light should be male if at all possible.
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