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Originally Posted by csa99 View Post
how do i get a deino to learn dark pulse?
i know you have to breed it with a seviper (also ekans and arbok but i dont have them) but how to i get my seviper to learn dark pulse first?
can someone message me about this please because i probably wont be checking back on here?
thanks for anyone who helps
In D/P/Pt/HG/SS, you have to teach it Dark Pulse through TM. Then send it over to your B/W game. Then you can breed them. That is one way, anyway.
Don't forget that it should be a male cause only males can pass on moves.


Alrighty, question about the Dream World. Today was the first time the Pokémon I wished wasn't interesting enough to wake up my Igglybuff for. I normally wake my Pokémon up after every visit. If I were to befriend another Pokémon tomorrow, and then wake up my Igglybuff, will both of the befriended Pokémon be sent to the Entralink Forest?