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    Originally Posted by Drayano View Post
    Got some new links, had a couple of bugs and things.
    Thanks for the links and new patching system Drayano, I nearly forgot about this hack, thankfully I saw it somewhere one YouTube and decided to see if there were any updates. I've also just noticed - you're from the UK! (Wales, in fact) What part of it d'you live in? I live fairly near to Bristol, so just over the bridge basically. XD

    Originally Posted by Drayano View Post
    There's no "clean" (I probably should rename that...) version for the moment, just a regular/legendary one that has all the changes to Pokémon and lets you catch all 649. Let's just call it the Main version for now.
    Umm, there's only one file? Which is it? And are you going to add the others in time? (Just so I can have one of each Blaze Black (Clean, Main and Legendary) and Volt White (Clean, Main and Legendary) on my R4.
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