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Originally Posted by mootjuh View Post
is there a way to implent your own 3d creations?

What do you mean by "implent your own 3D creations".
You can replace the land_data at anytime.

Originally Posted by Skara View Post
Just popped in to ask, how's development going?
I've been tracking it for a few weeks and just wanted to ask.
It's a shame I can't contribute. I wish I could.

That's not too bad at this time
But you can contribute to find bugs, report problems etc...

Originally Posted by Zark View Post
Hi, Link_971. I have something else for spanish translation:


HeartGold / SoulSilver = Oro HeartGold / Plata SoulSilver

Note : La copia de seguridad es automatica. = Nota: El guardado es automático.

Fichier = Archivo

| Retour au menu = Volver al menú
| Quitter = Salir

Affichage = Mostrar

| Wordlmap = Mapa
| Légende = Leyenda

A propos = Acerca de...

+ Sélectionner une Map = Seleccionar un mapa

- Modèles = Modelos

Aucun rendu 3D = Ningún renderizado 3D

- Groupes de Textures = Grupos de texturas

- Textures individuelles = Texturas individuales

- Infos Mouvements = Información de movimientos

- Header = Cabecera

Nom de Map = Nombre del mapa

Musique = Música

Météo = Clima

Positions Worldmap = Posiciones en el mapa

Jour = Día

Nuit = Noche

PD: Why are not the names of the maps in Spanish in his section translated?

Thanks for translations.
I'm not very good in spanish.

And for Maps names, it's normal.
That's not fully translated. I need to add every words in every functions.

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