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I continued my "break" on shiny hunting because I'm just that lazy (lol), but I'll be resuming Charmander hatching tomorrow~

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
Congrats, G-Money!! Funny thing, when I was looking at the main Pokémon Groups forum and saw that you posted, I just had a feeling you came with shiny news. :3

Originally Posted by vagrantwanderer View Post
YEEEESSSSSS!!! HAHAHHAHAHAA!!!! Finally! Shiny Oshawott is miiiiiiiiinnnneeeeee!!!!

Congratulations! Isn't it just a great feeling when you finally get the shiny you've been searching for?

Also, congrats to Evil Sonic's Vulpix (and anybody else's shinies I may have missed)! Vulpix is a gorgeous shiny. It's actually one of my future hunts, in fact :3
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